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Integration of optical and mechanical design based on AutoCAD and Mechanical

We hear customers singing the praises of RayCAD for AutoCAD all the time.  Some are shown below. 

From Mike Atlas
          Albuquerque, NM

"I have been using your software for seven or eight years, purchased it 4 times, and owe you a lot of thanks for developing such a useful tool.

Your software was extremely easy to learn and use.   After a few sessions it became a natural extension of my AutoCAD skills.   Without RayCAD it would've not been possible for me to develop several original ideas into viable design solutions and products.  RayCAD allowed me a rapid, real-time concept development, concurrent optical and opto-mechanical design, stray light analysis, trying out multiple multi-element configurations.  It also enabled me to produce designs that functioned as intended the first time they were produced.

I have used RayCAD software to design an optical head for an Acquisition and Tracing Sensor for intersatellite communications for European Space Station.  The design employed 4 spherical and one folding mirror and a detector.   Having RayCAD as one of the AutoCAD menus enabled me to design a monolithic optical system that did not require any alignment and took 15 minutes to assemble.

Another project involved a complex active Laser Beam Delivery system utilizing 2 pairs of galvanometer mirrors, 12 folding mirrors and a beamsplitter.  I don't think it would be possible to develop that system without RayCAD.  Again, first ever built unit functioned as intended without any alignment.  

I have used your software to design free-space optical switches, WDMs, space optics, test set and fixtures, to verify design athermalization to perform tolerance analysis and develop error budget.  In short, I think that your software should be a standard tool for anyone who attempts to do optical or opto-mechanical design.  It is an excellent development tool and design sanity checker.

Please feel free to use my praises for any testimony and feel free to refer your potential customers to me for reference."


From Joe Zelvin, Larchmont, NY

"As a mechanical engineer, I had been designing electro-mechanical (and "optical") devices between 1975 and 1984 without any dreams of designing optical systems.  Within several months of acquiring RayCAD I had designed an intriguing light source (later patented) and conceptualized an ophthalmic instrument optical system (also patented), and my life was forever changed.

I still don't have the math background required of an optical engineer, but RayCAD allows one to design a complex system as long as there is a background in the basic physics of optics.  All the design is done graphically, and the math remains in the background.

As a graphical (as opposed to spreadsheet based) program, RayCAD enables me to see subtleties that a spreadsheet program cannot.  (A spreadsheet displays only ray intersections whereas RayCAD displays all the ray traces in the context of the mechanical design.  For this reason, it really stands out in stray light analysis.

The ability to customize the RayCAD menu by editing a simple text file turns the program into a specialized tool in whatever area one is working, without losing its powerful generic capabilities.

For UNDER $1000.00 it's hard to imagine a greater bargain for a program that the user can learn in one or two hours (assuming knowledge of AutoCAD)."


From Nathan Sadan, Rehovoth, Israel

"I am sending you a small tribute to the wonderful software that allows a creative person to express his capabilities to the maximum."

Last modified: 04/19/16