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Integration of optical and mechanical design based on Inventor

RayCAD for Inventor - quick-to-learn, easy to use, yet a versatile and powerful optical modeling tool, benefiting from the many features provided by total integration with Autodesk Inventor.

Parts that are designed in Inventor can be made optical.  Inventor parts are made refractive by simply applying optical material.  A large selection of  glass manufacturers is available.  The surfaces of Inventor's parts can easily be made into mirrors, gratings and beam splitters.

Instant optical tracing showing you the optical performance. 

Catalog of Lenses and Import from RayCAD for AutoCAD provides data enabling parametric modeling of conic and aspheric lenses.  Since these components are also regular Inventor parts, they can be Table driven and constrained to the rest of the system.  The optics become part of  Inventor Properties, like Center of gravity, Mass and Inertial Properties.

Light sources are presented in several ways.  Any number of sources can be present and selectively traced at several wavelengths.  Conical and Cylindrical shape sources are used as construction rays, generating arrays or random ray sets.  Ray data  formatted like "Radiant Imaging" files can be attached to a part making the ray casting emulate a real source.

Also, any Inventor surfaces can become emitters.

                                              A coil or spring can model a filament. 


Whether the job is a new optical mechanical design or packaging an existent optical module, RayCAD for Inventor enables you to manage both optical and mechanical issues with an accurate and realistic simulation of the light's propagation. 

RayCAD for Inventor is an excellent extension to RayCAD for AutoCAD.

Compatible with Inventor versions 2011 - 2016.

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