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See what you can do with RayCAD for Inventor



Drawing shows an Inventor created Penta prism which was modeled from 5 lines and an extrusion.



Using RayCAD's Source Control, an Inventor coil is made into an emitter, producing large numbers of starting rays.  Revolving a circle makes a Toroidal, then applying RayCAD's Component Control makes it a mirror.


A surface can become a Detector.  A Detector will count the hits and show a % relative to rays cast.

The Detector can be applied to any surface;  for example, a BeamSplitter can also be a Detector.

Note: Detector can be useful in modeling light pipes. You can assign one end to be a detector and model your light pipe for maximum Detector hits. The view on the left shows that one ray hit the Detector twice and, due to TIR, came around again to hit the Detector. In this model, the reddish round top is the Detector.




Wave guide design is limited only by your imagination.



Grating surfaces can be applied to components and configured for echelle, holographic and regular gratings, then traced using blaze angles in multiple orders.  This shows a grating and a cross dispersing prism.




Any surface can become a Beam splitter and configured for percent of transmitting or wavelength dependent.




Sources can be generated from any object and selectively traced at several wavelengths


Two easy to use construction sources



Ray data formatted like "Radiant Imaging" files can be attached to a part making the ray casting emulate a real source



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